INSPIRED project week – a history of success

    INSPIRED has its origins in the International Project Week – Introduction to German Engineering, a two-week event in Darmstadt involving students from the USA and Germany working on a challenging engineering-based problem. The participants were grouped in international teams and had one week to develop a solution using German engineering methodologies. The project-work was accompanied by cultural activities and followed by industry excursions. Over the years, the International Project Week developed into an interdisciplinary endeavor, embracing the input and know-how of various fields of science, e.g., biology, materials science, sport science, or political science.

    INSPIRED, founded upon the guiding tenets of its predecessor: interdisciplinarity and international cooperation, takes a step further: It expands the areas of expertise by inviting students from every field of engineering and life sciences, is open to participants from all over the world, extends the project phase to two weeks, and offers a new online preparatory phase with courses designed for long-distance learning. The students will be able to prepare for the challenge, expand their knowledge, and live an enriching experience in Germany while solving an exciting task.

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