International Project Week for Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Digital Learning

    Mission Goals

    Explore your future education and career possibilities

    Take part in an interdisciplinary, 'real life' research project

    Connect to your peers from all over the world

    Expand your professional, international cooperation network

    Master German Systems Thinking

    Enjoy an immersive experience in German industry and culture

    Earn 6 CP ECTS (3 US/Canadian semester credit hours)

    Have fun!

    Mission Plan

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the INSPIRED 2020 summer event at TU Darmstadt has been cancelled.

    Alternative, fully digital INSPIRED 2020 offer!

    e-Learning Basic Course:

    • Launch, March 30
    • Completion deadline, June 14

    Virtual Team Project:

    • Take-off, June 22
    • Landing, July 10

    Mission, Interstellar Farmacy

    Stay tuned for future updates: @INSPIRED_Da

    Mission Control Centers

    Mechanical Engineering

    The word “engineering” comes from


    Biology literally means “study of life”

    Materials Science

    “Engineers make things.

    INSPIRED 2019 | Video report

    Many thanks to all for participation, contribution, and support!